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Welcome to South Kolkata Sanjeevani

South kolkata Sanjeevani was established in 2007 by a diverse group of individuals who shared a common
purpose in helping people suffering from cancer. Sanjeevani is a nonprofit non government oraganization. All our friends and supporters
give us their unconditional support. Sanjeevani is an organization working especially towards prevention and protection of cancer
patients in an around kolkata from last seven years. You are invited to join us as a friend, donor or volunteer. Your little act counts a lot. It therefore our request for every individual, & every socity to help us to nurture a strong & healthy youth.


Cancer Support

Children are the future of the nation. The Child of today will be the adult of tomorrow, So investing on their well being means investing on a nation’s as well as country's future. Every child has a right to have a happy and healthy childhood. A life limiting illness deprives them of this. Sanjeevani strives to restore the lost glory in the childhood of an ailing child..

Care Services

A team of physicians, palliative care nurses, psychologists and social workers provide hospital and home based clinical care and emotional support for individuals suffering from life-limiting illnesses who need the best of care and compassion. The concept revolves around feelings of empathy, grace and dignity to maintain quality life as a right of a suffering individual.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer awareness is an effort to raise awareness and reduce the stigma of breast cancer through education on symptoms and treatment. Awareness will lead to earlier detection of breast cancer. It is an attempt to empower women to understand their physical aspect in relation to any disease and fight back with dignity. This in itself is a right to good living and a disease free existence.

Free Health Checkup

s social beings we have a responsibility towards the deprived section of the society. Sanjeevani tries to cater to the medical needs of this section of the society by organizing free health check-up camps with its medical team especially for the elderly citizens who are mostly uncared for.


If you live to make others smile If you love to borrow their tears If you feel the love to share Life will bear a meaning for you...

What we do

As a popular song goes…

To offer yourself to someone for smiles, To share someone's grief, To have love in your heart for someone, This is what life is all about. Granted, we are poor, by the standard of our pockets. Even so, we are rich at heart . Perish for love that is Life, Crave for spring that is life, This we believe, though others may not.This is what life is all about- relationship between the heart and the heart’s trust. The name of love lives on because of us.

Even if we die, we will be remembered by someone. A flower will tell a bud, on and on, That this is what life is all about!!! remembered by someone, That we will smile through someone's tears, A flower will tell a bud, on and on, That this is what life is all about!!!

We can do it,we should do it,because this little feeling of empathy would go a long way to make a change in their lives. Give us a little...give us only a little Of your time. We at Sanjeevani seek only that. Spare a thought for the little ones and help us spread that little cheer that they so deserve.

If you live to make others smile If you love to borrow their tears If you feel the love to share Life will bear a meaning for you...


Our vision to nurture a happy, healthy and creative individuals whose rights are protected and honoured and to maintain the quality of their lives, their dignity, justice and equity. Even when they are suffering from immense pain of their illness.


To provide holistic support Psycho-social, Spiritual, Moral, Psychological, for the Cancer Patients. Still we belive that we have lot to do for the humanity in distress.

Spread The Word

South Kolkata Sanjeevani has envolved as a pioncering orgnaisation to holistically give support to the cancer patients or the people suffering from any critical illness...

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